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What to do in an emergency?

In case of life-threatening medical conditions or accidents you have to call the emergency hotline 112 immediately. If you don’t have a serious health condition, but all the medical centers nearby are closed and you can’t wait for a scheduled appointment? Then you can still call the following number: By calling 116 117 you will receive all of the necessary information about doctors, who you can contact outside of their consultation hours with any medical concern.

Optional: Further emergency numbers in Schleswig:

The emergency room in the “Helios-Klinik” is staffed with medical personnel round the clock for patients, who require permanent medical attention.

Clinic hotline: +49 4621 812-1970

Labor room: +49 4621 812-1274

Department of psychiatry and psychosomatics: +49 4621 83-0

Department of child and youth psychiatry: +49 4621 83-0

An emergency hotline for personal crises and mental distress is accessible by dialing +49 4621 988404. The crises service, funded by the “Kreis Schleswig-Flensburg” and the city Flensburg, provides professional assistance and free consultation.

Blut- und Plasmaspende

Jeden Tag werden in Deutschland rund 18.000 Blutkonserven benötigt. Auch wenn Kliniken sparsam mit Blutspenden umgehen, gibt es immer häufiger Engpässe. Deshalb ist das Spenden von Blut so wichtig. Blutspenden rettet Leben!

DRK-Blutspendedienst Nord-Ost gGmbH

Rote-Kreuz-Weg 5, 24837 Schleswig

Well accommodated

“It is the health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.” These words spoken by Mahatma Gandhi, one of the greatest freedom fighters from India, are timeless. A good life for all generations requires a functioning healthcare system. Whether hospitals, local physicians, nursing homes or support groups, there is a wide range of medical and nursery services in Schleswig. Not only is that good for the citizens of the city, but also for the people from the surrounding areas, who are medically good taken care of in our hometown.



Many elderly residents have decided intentionally to live in Schleswig. The city offers a high quality of life and thanks to the wide variety of cultural and physical activities as well as the vibrant atmosphere in the many sports and social clubs there are a lot of opportunities for diverse leisure activities suitable for all ages. Alongside good medical care and assistance the city provides the senior citizens with various facilities regarding important topics like nursing, medical care and treatment. Whether inpatient care, day care, night care or short-term care, there are plenty of options in Schleswig.

Counseling of the Kreises Schleswig-Flensburg: Tel. 04621 810-29

Helios Klinikum

It feels good to know that there is a major hospital within reach. The “Helios Klinikum” in Schleswig offers a wide range of medical services not only in inpatient but also in outpatient care. The academic teaching hospital of the universities of Kiel and Lübeck takes care of roughly 19.500 stationary and 36.000 ambulatory patients each year and is with 1.600 employees an important employer in the city.

    Local physicians

    While many rural areas experience an increasingly problematic shortage of doctors, the situation in Schleswig remains relatively calm. A lot of primary care physicians and specialists provide medical services to patients from the city and its surrounding areas. Apart from the “Helios Klinikum”, some major medical institutions like the “Gelenkzentrum Schleswig Holstein”, uniting experts for arthroscopic surgery, hand surgery and foot surgery as well as endoprosthetics, operate from here.

    An overview of the local physicians in Schleswig:


    Schleswig offers excellent dental health care with numerous local doctors. The head office of the dental clinic “Zahnmedizin im Zentrum” with further branches in the surrounding areas is located at the “Capitolplatz” in the city center of Schleswig and offers extensive dental health care from prophylaxis to tooth preservation, oral surgery, implants and orthodontics.

    Mental health

    Not only physical, but also mental health is important for the personal wellbeing. Whoever needs support, is in good hands in Schleswig. Whether inpatient care is required, an outpatient treatment by psychologists and psychotherapists is necessary or a support group is the right approach, various facilities help people to heal mentally.

    Link to the website with all of the addresses

    Addiction counseling

    Addiction has many faces. A lot of people think primarily of alcohol, drug or medication dependency, but the term has to be seen more broadly. Whether it’s gambling, workaholism, compulsive buying, eating disorders, like bulimia, anorexia or binge eating, as well as internet addiction, people suffering from any form of addiction need help. The public socio-psychiatric service, provided by the “Kreis Schleswig-Flensburg”, helps and supports people in need to find the right treatment and therapy.

    Suchtberatung beim Kreis Schleswig-Flensburg

    Support groups

    The city of Schleswig has many different organizations and charities, that support affected people to find help and conversation in active support groups. Whether it’s addiction, burn-out, heart disease or obsessive-compulsive disorder, affected people from the city and its surrounding areas join together to talk about disease and addiction, to deal with social and mental problems and to help and support each other through open conversation.

    Women’s health

    Various specialized facilities in Schleswig support women seeking advice. The “Helios Klinikum” cares for women from the start of the pregnancy to birth in their onsite clinic for gynecology and obstetrics. Also, many self-employed midwifes are able to support women in their pregnancy. In addition to medical care, all women and girls can receive counseling at the public health department or at state-approved counseling centers provided by private agencies. This includes counseling in cases of sexual or domestic violence, conflict consultation and regular counseling for pregnant women. Additionally, women can reach out for advice to many local associations in Schleswig.