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In Schleswig summer time traditionally means festival time: Popular events such as „Schleswig swingt“ („Swinging Schleswig“) or the „Schleswiger Hafenfest“ („Schleswig Harbour Festival“) are just as worth a visit as the legendary Viking Happening or the NORDEN Festival on the lawns by the Schlei („Königswiesen“), providing a most impressive notion of the real Nordic lifestyle in former times.


Viking Festival

Viking, meaning marauding or piracy in Old Norse, might have described the Viking’s activities, setting out to plunder, rob and pillage.

Today’s Vikings are cut from a different cloth. Peacefully gathering on Schleswig’s Königswiesen every midsummer, the annual Viking Festival is a cheerful, internationally renown happening for the

Schleswigians and their many guests from all over the world. In festival times, the Königswiesen next to the Schlei turn into a large picturesque Viking settlement, including a small Viking village for children – with spirited and good-humoured Northmen families all over the place. Show fights – like the fabulous "Tampen trekken" (Tug of War), annually taking place in cooperation with the City Marketing Schleswig – as well as colourful markets, dainty Viking snacks, spectacular fire shows, Viking ships on the Schlei - there is a lot to see, to taste and to experience. Watch and marvel - or simply join in! It’s great fun!


    In late summer, Schleswig hosts its NØRDEN Festival presenting cultural events and entertainment from Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg and European Baltic countries all over the „Königswiesen“ along the shore of the Schlei. Have fun with a great program featuring bands and current music, short films, open readings and street theatre, workshops and lectures, stand-up paddling, yoga, climbing and a lot more…

    Also on the agenda are especially Green topics, such as mobility, recycling and regional production, farming and trading, cultural diversity, sustainable trends and culinary delicacies.

    Swinging Schleswig

    Every midsummer, between Capitolplatz and Gallberg Schleswig’s shopping street transforms into an enormous stage – and the city starts to swing. More than 30 soloists, bands and dance groups give the beat and around 10.000 guests enjoy their warm summer night by the Schlei every year, smoothly swinging and bouncing along the rythm.

    For further Informations look to Facebook Fanpage "Schleswig Swingt".


    Schleswig Harbour Festival

    Free Entry!

    Everybody is welcome to enjoy the Schleswig Harbour Festival and its colourful acts - from a fascinating boatlight parade on the Schlei followed by the spectacular firework. This is how the end of the summer should be celebrated everywhere.

    Informationen on website of Schleswiger-Stadtwerke

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