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Experience diversity in Schleswig an der Schlei

- with a clear view and an open heart!

We, as citizens of Schleswig, are sure from the bottom of our hearts: Our city is various, colourful and lively, pleasant and unagitated, and simply lovable. It is an excellent place to spend your life, settle down and work at. It’s always worth a beautiful day trip or some active holidays full of surprises (we promise). But see for yourself!

Follow the footsteps of the Vikings, ...


… discover the treasures of Schleswig’s rich museums and cultural monuments, stroll through the Holm’s ancient fishing village or enjoy a boat trip on the Schlei. By the way: According to the latest Glücksatlas study, Schleswig-Holstein once again was chosen as the happiest federal state in Germany.

So don’t hesitate to plan another leisurely shopping spree here or go for a spin in the evening! It’s easy going because in Schleswig’s city you can park for free. Listen to a concert or treat yourself with a visit to the theatre, celebrate with us on our numerous festivals, markets and events, or simply look for a quiet place with a view to relax – and stay as long as you like.

Welcome! Welcome to Schleswig.


Viking town and gateway to the north

Already the Vikings who were eager to trade and travel realized the ideal economic potential of Schleswig's unique geographic location by the Schlei, and settled close-by in Haithabu and Danewerk.


You will encounter them everywhere all over the city of Schleswig and in the region: at the Lollfußer Mythenpfad, while shopping with the Viking cheque, in one of Schleswig's two specialized Viking shops or by meeting the Slewigsons, or at the internationally popular, legendary Viking Festival on the Königswiesen next to the Schlei and so on, and so on …