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Our sails are set -

Schleswig is heading for success

Naturally, the progressing digitalization of our society is setting new standards in Schleswig as well. In order to keep pace, a lively and open communication makes the difference - especially when it comes to business and politics!


Advanced technical possibilities, solutions for vacancies, a vivid inner city, flourishing industrial and commercial areas, cleverly aligned synergy effects between Schleswig city, its private industry and the citizens - and much more: Schleswig already has countless potentials to offer as a business location - and every new initiative makes its attractiveness for trade and commerce grow..

Old-established or young entrepreneur - you shouldn’t miss our ongoing development. Let us all expand and grow together! 

Reliable and inventive

Schleswig‘s Formula for success

A healthy, flourishing middle class and solid traditional owner-managed businesses form a strong basis for sustainable action in Schleswig’s economy. As well as special niche products and innovative ideas offer good entrepreneurial prospects here.


The Stadtmarketing Schleswig GmbH will be happy to provide you with helpful information about the great diversity of our local commercial opportunities, the expansion of new business parks, business initiatives and all interesting news at any time.

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