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Living tradition

Guilds and other ”Beliebungen” (leagues) even still play an important part in the social life of the City of Schleswig.

Traditions could have been kept alive for centuries here – and they still have a firm place in the modern life of people of all generations in Schleswig.


The four fellowships (dead guilds) were born when the plague raged in Schleswig.

The Alte Liebung was founded in 1629, the Holmer Liebung in 1650, the Friedrichsberg Love in 1638 and the Lollfußer Liebung in 1651. The aim was to provide a dignified funeral for the deceased and to help the relatives.

The citizens came together "of their own nature", i.e. without the order of the authorities.


The Friedrichsberger Schützengilde von Gottorf from 1653, the Lollfußer Schützengilde of 1699 and Schleswig's oldest and largest rifle guild, the Old Town St. Knudsguild, founded in 1449, were founded hundreds ago to ensure order and to make the city Defend.

By the way, the word guild means in Frisian and Old Norse gelage or schmaus. Even then, the celebration and enjoyment together was not neglected.