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Viking Shops

A Viking city without Viking souvenirs? Impossible!

The Viking shop “Beowulf Schleswig” in Lollfuß offers unusual gift ideas and souvenirs: in addition to the world's largest selection of Thor's hammer amulets, you will find Viking jewelry, carvings, ceramics, leather work, specialist literature, herbal specialties, honey from our own beekeeping and a large selection of mead , the famous honey wine of the Vikings.

There is also the online shop of Thors Schmiede. Medieval goods such as shields and bows, jewelry and decorative items related to the Viking theme are on offer here. Edged weapons range from simple decorative swords and decorative daggers to battle ready swords and daggers.

Both shops also sell their goods online. Please find more information here:

    Viking tavern

    A hearty feast following the concept of Feinheimisch, a committed trading association representing good quality and regional products, can be enjoyed in the Viking tavern in Haithabu near Schleswig.

    Whether you like to attend as a cosy couple, a smaller group, or a larger party of up to 250 people - the typical Nordic Royal Hall is a great place to indulge and celebrate - either rustically in Viking style or Nordic fresh, with or without an additional special Viking programme.

    Especially delicious: The original NORDICBURGER made from meat of the region, cooked over an open flame and served with rustic round pieces from the traditional wood oven.