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Restaurants & Bars

A traditional plate with fried plaice from Schleswig‘s Holm, one of the city’s most ancient and picturesque quarters, an Angus Steak with Pepper Sauce or Eight Treasures with Crispy Duck – and the table is set.

From typical North German and regional dishes to Mediterranean, Asian or Argentinean specialities, Schleswig is the place of feasting and nibbling all sorts of different delicacies and snacks. And afterwards? You might enjoy the rest of the evening in one of Schleswig’s bars for a gorgeous nightcap.

Akzent Hotel Strandhalle

Alte Fischerstube Kunst am Holm

Hafencafé Schleswig

Happy Rancho Restaurant & Steakhouse

Kaphörnchen und Eishörnchen am Stadthafen

Restaurant & Hotel Strandleben

Restaurant East

Restaurant Maximillian Schleswig

Restaurante Pizzaria Da. Marcello

Smiley´s Pizza Profis Schleswig

Wikingturm Restaurant Café

Yen-Yen China Restaurant

Viking tavern

A hearty feast, following the concept of Feinheimisch, a committed association standing for quality and regional products, can be enjoyed in the Viking tavern in Haithabu near Schleswig.

Whether you're cosy as a couple, in circles or groups of up to 250 people – this very typical Nordic Royal Hall is a great place to feast and celebrate - either rustically in the Viking style or fresh and nordic, with or without an extra special Viking programme to accompany your meal.

Special tip: Do not miss to try the delicious NORDICBURGER! Made of meat from the region, it is cooked over an open flame and served with crispy rustic round bread rolls from the traditional woodstove.