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Nordic flair galore

Even today Schleswig's central and picturesque positioning on the banks of the Schlei contributes to the pretty district town’s economical flourishing. It offers an incomparable shopping experience to citizens and visitors - sweetened by restaurants and snack options for every taste in abundance and a great range of events


– exactly the right ingredients for a great and successful day!

Shopping street

Schleswigs Ladenstraße in the Stadtweg offers relaxed car-free strolling, window browsing and shopping.

This is a cosy place to be. Visitors appreciate the Scandinavian atmosphere and the personal advice in the shops, as well as the colourful mix of branches and the opportunity to take a nice break and have a coffee, cake or hearty snack in between.

Whether photo shops, bookstores or toy shops, large fashion stores or small boutiques, hairdressers or opticians, jewellers or perfumers, bakeries and supermarkets - the quality and the variety of the offer is enormous.

Schleswigians and their guests also appreciate the special events on the Ladenstraße, such as Sundays’ opening hours, moonlight shopping, the giant Easter nest or the kale-and-smoked-saussage-days. And it is a must for many Schleswig fans to have their Christmas punch at the traditional Christmas market on Capitolplatz.  

It is also worth

taking a stroll to the historic Kornmark with its small alleys and backyards - the "Kornmarkt-Höker" have settled here with small but fine owner-managed retail shops and service providers, cosy cafés and bistros.

The Lollfuß

The Lollfuß, an old connecting road between Schleswig's city centre and Gottorf Castle, bears its historical name as a shopping quarter due to an old tradition: Before Schleswig had any street names the city was divided into quarters.

The name alone indicates it: Today's Lollfuß shopping district is an up-and-coming quarter again with committed entrepreneurs and resourceful ideas. Wine merchants, print manufacturers, women's boutiques or second-hand shops, law firms and insurance companies, restaurants and pubs - the Lollfuß is awakening to new life.

The shopping quarter attracts visitors not only with its beautiful facades, pretty shops and attractive offers but also with the “Lollfußer Mythenpfad” (“Myth path”) which has been continuously expanded since 2015.


Once the servants of Gottorf Castle used to live in the historic district of Friedrichsberg

Today it is home not only to the castle, to Schleswig-Holstein’s Higher Regional Court (in its distinctive building called the "Red Elephant"), the City Museum and the State Archive but also to a wide variety of smaller specialist shops and retailers serving everyday’s needs:

such as electrical shops, pet shops, shoe shops, bicycle shops, interior decorators and a shopping centre – among other things - which invite you to stroll around. Restaurants, bistros and cafés complete the supply and the offerings in Friedrichsberg.


When Schleswig looked for the best name to give to its newly built television tower in a name contest in the early 1990, many strange titles - such as "Beton-Gurke (concrete cucumber)", "Schlei-Spargel (Schlei-Asparagus)" and "Eiserner Willy (Iron Willy)" - were proposed. However, finally the jury opted for the Low German name "Schliekieker". 

Today, Schliekieker also is the eponym for the shopping district in the neighbourhood, which is quite popular in the surrounding areas of Schleswig. A large department store, shoe shop, zoo specialist shop, petrol station, car dealer and a specialist shop for sports fitness equipment - the Schliekieker is versatile. In addition, excellent parking facilities, short distances and a comprehensive range of quality and service providers are how the Schliekieker on the Flensburger Strasse attracts its customers.

Schleswig’s own currency:

Check out the Viking cheque!

In the Viking age goods usually were exchanged for goods.


However, in addition various means of payment circulated in the market. A proficient trader therefore kept several currencies in his leather bag - coins made of silver sheet, beads made of glass, or silver bars which were chopped up to meet a specific price.

Nowadays the currency of the modern Viking city of Schleswig is the Viking cheque. The cheques – with possible values of 5, 10, 20 or 50 Euros - are accepted for payment at more than 60 trading points and shops in Schleswig - and makes a wonderful idea for a present!