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Get off the sofa -

and dive into pleasure

Swinging Schleswig, Viking events, movie nights, performances of the Schleswig-Holstein State Theatre, cabaret in the "Heimat" or infective party thrill in the Ela-Ela - there is a lot of nightlife going on in Schleswig with a match for every taste.

Have a cosy evening enjoying a delicious meal or freshly tapped beer. Concert or party, city festival or nightlife, restaurant or bar - there are plenty of tips for having a great time in Schleswig.

Movie theater

From blockbusters to classics –

the Schleswiger Capitol Filmpalast provides cinema at its very best. In four cinema halls with a total of 487 seats – served with the obligatory XXL portions of popcorn or other movie snacks desired - the 3D Cinema Centre’s program spans from recent popular films to arthouse productions, as well as specials such as live broadcasts from the Royal Opera House London.

Enjoy your blockbuster or advanced cinéaste movies, or make it a birthday event for your children by booking a Happy Birthday film and catering package.

Conveniently, parking is free of charge in Schleswig’s multi-storey car park as well as in the city, in walking distance to the cinema.

Zum Programm

Viking Festival 

Viking, meaning marauding or piracy in Old Norse, might have described the Viking’s activities, setting out to plunder, rob and pillage.


Today’s Vikings are cut from a different cloth. Peacefully gathering on Schleswig’s Königswiesen every midsummer, the annual Viking Festival is a cheerful, internationally renown happening for the Schleswigians and their many guests from all over the world. In festival times, the Königswiesen next to the Schlei turn into a large picturesque Viking settlement, including a small Viking village for children – with spirited and good-humoured Northmen families all over the place.

. Show fights – like the fabulous "Tampen trekken" (Tug of War), annually taking place in cooperation with the City Marketing Schleswig – as well as colourful markets, dainty Viking snacks, spectacular fire shows, Viking ships on the Schlei - there is a lot to see, to taste and to experience. Watch and marvel - or simply join in! It’s great fun!