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Hiking in the Tiergarten, relaxing on the Königswiesen, swimming in the Schlei – you will love to enjoy the beauty of the Schleswig in its great outdoors.



There can hardly be found a more beautiful place to practice the art of Chinese shadow boxing: Every year in summer, locals and guests meet at the Königswiesen in Schleswig for Tai Chi.


On the northern bank of the Schlei 16 hectares of this amazing city park stretch to the west of the historic quarter of Schleswig. To the north of the park, the Schleswiger district Lollfuß is situated, to the west you will find the Luisenbad, an open-air bath with a small beach, and the two sailing clubs of Schleswig.

This is a fine area to spend some spare time, also with kids. Among other attractions providing entertainment and fun you will find some play equipment here, such as a replica Viking ship, a volleyball net and a miniature golf course.

Several times a year the Königswiesen are the place to be and celebrate – the Viking Festival, the Norden - Nordic Arts Festival and several other festivities are hosted here.


    Northwest of Gottorf Castle and the city of Schleswig, an enchanting, deciduous forest invites you to go for a walk or a jog. 

    The Schleswiger Tiergarten, merging into the Pöhler Gehege in the west, used to be the wildlife reserves of the Dukes of Gottorf. From the Stampfmühle car park, a beautiful path leads past Gottorf Castle, the Globus House and the monument to the Hercules pond. 

    In November each year one of the most traditional sports running events in the Schleswig-Flensburg district, the demanding  Tiergarten-Crosslauf, takes place here.

      Bathing pleasures

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      Bathing pleasures

      A region rich of nature

      Forests and rambling trails, a well-developed network of cycle paths, swimming spots all along the coast and on lake shores, sailing areas, and so much more – Schleswig‘s residents and visitors of the Schleswig-Flensburg area are surrounded by all kinds of nature in abundance.