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Schleswiger Triathlon

In June 2020, a triathlon will take place for the first time in Schleswig.


The competition, initiated and planned by the city marketing, will mainly lead along the Schleistraße.

The ironman 113 format is planned – i.e. the half-distance of an Ironman. The participants will swim 1.9 kilometers in a triangular course, cycle 90 kilometers in the city area and walk 21 kilometers along the Schlei and back through Michaelisallee.

Die Organisatoren versprechen eine schöne und anspruchsvolle Strecke.

Parallel to the sporting competition, a supporting programme with music will provide entertainment on the Königswiesen. As soon as the planning progresses, the city marketing publishes further information.

Schleswigs stairway

Since 2011, Spiridon Schleswig has been organising the Schleswig Stair Run, a competition that is unique in Schleswig-Holstein.

The competition offers entertainment and excitement to the spectators, the participants get a lot of sweat. Finally, the Lollfuß treppe with its 100 steps has to be conquered ten times.

You can also manage this run as a duo relay. All running enthusiasts from 16 years of age are allowed to start.

    Schleswiger VR Bank Stadtlauf

    Several hundred active people, runners of all performance classes and generations, compete on the Königswiesen every spring.

    The traditional Schleswig city run between the cathedral and Gottorf Castle has been a fixed date for the athletes from the running scene for more than three decades.

    Tiergarten cross country

    Here we go over stick and stone:

    In November, the Tiergarten hosts one of the most traditional running events in the district of Schleswig-Flensburg, the Tiergarten Cross Country, every year.

    The participants agree: the route is challenging, but the experience is unique.

    Halloween Run

    Quite scary:

    Sport-Tiedje has been hosting the Halloween Run for several years. It goes 6.66 kilometers from the Königswiesen to the cathedral. The track is illuminated by torches and behind every corner, runners can expect creepy creatures and special effects.

    Several hundred athletes, some of them imaginatively dressed, enjoy the eerie atmosphere. Children start the 666-metre long, slightly less creepy Bambini run.