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Schleswig's got it!

Fancy a shopping spree?


Short distances, free parking and a colourful mix of specialist shops, owner-managed retail shops, boutiques and well-known chain stores - that's what Schleswig stands for.

Whether you find your new favourite outfit in the city or buy it at a discount store in one of the classical business parks, try organic products at the weekly market or find what you're looking for at the DIY store - whoever buys in Schleswig is well advised. The choice is large, parking is simple and free and the mood is relaxed and jolly.

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Shopping makes you hungry!

So what? In Schleswig you can enjoy a lot of different tasty delicacies and snacks.


Restaurants & Bars

Schleswig’s own currency: (Kopie 1)

Check out the Viking cheque!

In the Viking age goods usually were exchanged for goods.


However, in addition various means of payment circulated in the market. A proficient trader therefore kept several currencies in his leather bag - coins made of silver sheet, beads made of glass, or silver bars which were chopped up to meet a specific price.

Nowadays the currency of the modern Viking city of Schleswig is the Viking cheque. The cheques – with possible values of 5, 10, 20 or 50 Euros - are accepted for payment at more than 60 trading points and shops in Schleswig - and makes a wonderful idea for a present!