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Quality of life included

Whether service providers, logistics, production or trading companies – exciting businesses are located in Schleswig's industrial areas.

Entrepreneurs are united by a good business sense – and a commitment to a location with a high quality of life. You like to sail, enjoy the fish bun at the city harbour or the new exhibition at Schloss Gottorf. Just everything that makes up the beautiful life in Schleswig.

St. Jürgen

The industrial park St. Jürgen scores high when it comes to variety and choice of different branches in one area. Car dealerships, workshops, petrol stations, car washes and tyre dealers are located here next to design offices, consumer electronics stores, DIY stores and building material dealers, food and beverage stores and much more.

Around 120 companies from trade, commerce and service are located in this diverse commercial area in the north-east of the city. Among other things, it’s the excellent transport connection via B 201 federal highway that is convincing owners, employees and – of course – customers to come to St. Jürgen.

Around 170 members are organized in St. Jürgen’s commercial trade association “Die Drachentöter” (“The Dragon Slayers”). Even companies from Friedrichsberg, the Schliekieker or the surrounding areas have joined the association. In cooperation with the “Interessengemeinschaft Ladenstraße e.V. (IGL)”, the “Drachentöter” are dedicatedly committed to promoting the city of Schleswig as an attractive place to live and do business at (which it is!).

The KOMPASS magazine published by the trade association up to three times a year reports on the companies based here and members of the Drachentöter. In addition, it collects interesting news from in and around the city and St. Jürgen. Free of charge, the magazine is available in many shops and places.


    For several years now, a breath of fresh air has been blowing in the Lattenkamp industrial estate.

    Conveniently located on the B 201, the industrial area in the north-east of the city has become a busy shopping location.

    Several discount stores, a zoo shop, drugstore, bakery, shops for carpets, wallpaper, home accessories and decorative items invite you to combine shopping for daily use with leisurely browsing and strolling.


      The Ratsteich industrial estate is located in the north of Schleswig with direct links to the Bundesstraße 201.
      In addition to THE DIY market, the building materials and sanitary trade, the main trade-oriented companies are involved in the areas of windows, doors, varnishers, carpentry, metal construction, horticulture, electrical engineering as well as the Schleswig workshops, car dealers and Civil engineering contractors.



        Not only Schleswig’s public utility institute is located in this area but also a lot of trades like carpenters, roofers, specialists for kitchen interior perform their craftsmanship here in good company. Ilensee is well- known for it’s head office of the local craftsman association, that pursue the interests of small, independent craft businesses from the local area. Besides, situated in the same building is the head office of the city marketing.


          A car factory, petrol station, gym, a waste disposal company, a shop for gift items and bakeries – the offer in Schleswig's oldest industrial area in the Husumer Baum/Margarethenwallstraße area is colourfully mixed.

          A company with history is the Tauwerkfabrik, founded in 1922, which is now in its fourth generation, producing innovative products from high-quality technical textiles and distributing them throughout Europe.

            Schleswig-Schuby Industrial Park

            Industrial park Schleswig-Schuby

            Right at the most important crossroad between the city of Hamburg and Scandinavia and between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea lies the recently founded industrial park Schleswig-Schuby next to the A7 highway. Founded in 2012 by the `Zweckverband Interkommunales Gewerbegebiet’ (IKG) the park offers a wide range of commercial space from 5.000 up to 60.000 square meters. Main target groups are particularly companies that work supra-regionally with high space requirements and the need of a good highway connection. The large commercial spaces are flexibly subdividable. The first future oriented companies have already settled in the constantly growing industrial area.

            For more information visit: